Modular heavy-duty profile systemSolid construction profiles

Cold-drawn steel - highest precision, no warping. This enables you to achieve maximum accuracy and reproducibility in your designs.

Static loads up to 200 kN (or 4 full-grown elephant bulls) to be able to build even the heaviest constructions.

Impressing stability with highest adjustability precision through 360° degree rotation system and an adaptable heavy-duty connection.

Long-lasting coating, variable assembly mounting and positioning. Continuous height adjustment for maximum comfort.

Revennex heavy-duty profile system 100:

The Revennex heavy-duty profile system 100 is suitable for highly dynamic and heavy applications. Reliability, high-spec configuration, anti-corrosion features and continuous adjustability make your construction easier, faster and less stressful - whatever you want to construct.

Revennex Profil: Flexible heavy-duty profile system

The Revennex heavy-duty profile system consists of heavy-duty construction profiles for mechanical engineering, with which you can design heavy-duty constructions economically and according to the modular principle. The system follows an intelligent approach from construction practice to create a structured system for the construction of load-bearing structures, which can be used flexibly in many areas. Components with a similar structure, such as profiles that can be used horizontally and vertically at the same time, keep the system as minimalistic as possible.

The connection of two heavy-duty profiles is made by using a patented technology that enables different angles, heights and positions. The high pre-tensioning force in the connection is applied via assembly-friendly special nuts, which are tightened in stages with a small torque wrench. The unique connection results in a 360° rotation and the infinitely variable height adjustment of the connected profiles without having to use special connectors.

Furthermore, the profiles are designed in such a way that support struts can be attached directly on both sides in order to dissipate high static and dynamic transverse forces. Depending on the structure, loads of up to 100 kN and 60 Hertz are recommended, but under ideal conditions, higher loads of up to 200 kilonewtons are possible. You can find precise data on this in the data sheets and CAD data, which can be downloaded free of charge from our website, or you can contact us with your specifications and have your design analyzed by an experienced calculation engineer.

A T-slot clamping field, for example, is suitable as a foundation for a structure, which is often used in test laboratories for component tests. Hydraulic cylinders and other actuators such as pneumatic cylinders, electric drives or high-speed actuators can be integrated into the system in such a way that forces can be applied precisely through the center of a profile. For use in test laboratories, additional individual accessories such as height adjustments, safety enclosures, assembly aids or foundations are available on request.

Contact us with your specifications and we will work with you to implement your project quickly and easily.

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